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Geothermal the Geowell® Way 

Geothermal heat pump heating and cooling is a leading-edge, energy conservation strategy today, but did you know the idea is over 50 years old? 

Yes!  This is a tried and true, proven approach, recently rediscovered with today’s interest in energy conservation, green construction, reduced carbon footprint, and LEED compliant building design. 

Fortunately, new does not need to mean risky,  as this technology is absolutely proven. 

Even better, this is not your father’s geothermal!  Years ago, slide rules and engineering judgment prevailed.  This meant safe design assumptions to make sure it works.  Unfortunately, this also meant over design, and longer payback periods.

Today, good thermal testing, and finite element system simulation can trim that fat out, and deliver a lower payback period. 

True, many projects are 10 years plus to break even, but we have some that deliver in 3 years or less.  Yes! A three year return on investment.  Wow!

Time to get serious about geothermal !

To CFO’s:  Green, LEED, low carbon footprint is fine, but sometimes it’s all about the numbers, and if the payback isn’t there, the project just can’t be considered.  We understand your constraints.  How about this:  An unconditional 15-33% return on your money, but there is a catch.  The catch is you have to agree to heat and cool your building!  Obviously, that’s not really a big risk.  Unless you’re out of business, you’re going to be spending those dollars, and a geothermal solution can stop the bleeding.  Let us show you how.

To Contactors and Consulting Engineers:  Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for experience.  Let us help you the first time or two.  This process is very straight forward, but full of pitfalls that can be avoided with an experienced subject matter expert on your team.  We’ll help you address: permitting, geothermal field design and sizing, performance projections, hydraulics, grounding, water treatment, controls, sequence of operations, well drilling specifications, drilling contractor qualification, and performance measurement.

Put ARB Geowell on your team, today!

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